5 Best Customer Service Tips for Live Chats

All of those live chat operators, out there, this blog is dedicated to you where you can learn and observe how to improvise your customer service. That’s right. You must learn the difference between a normal customer service and memorable customer service. Now you might be wondering “what’s the big difference in that?” BUT Yes. They are different!

A memorable customer service gives you a lot more than your expectation. It is beneficial for both business and the customer. So, how to make this happen? How to make your customer service memorable to increase visitors? Simple. Here are the five golden tips which can your live chat services exceptional.

1. Be Friendly, Be Personal:

Don’t be formal like a robot at all, please. Be gentle, kind, polite, humble (add more synonyms). The more you kind and behave selflessly and be personal, the comfortable your customer will be with you. A little humor or soft jokes will work like a cherry on top.

2. Recommend relevant Products or services:

It boosts the moral of the customer when you recommend something which they had no idea about. It strengthens the customer-agent bond. As a customer, encourage your agents on suggestions. In this way, agents will come up with some more ideas and maybe you find an offer you can’t refuse.

3. Offer Luxuries:

It’s a thumb rule. Everyone loves surprises and incentives. Customers love special offers, discounts. Not only it will help in generating sales but also will make your customers buy more. In this way, the customers make your brand a good word of mouth and they create a chain of new visitors.

4. Proactive Chats:

“Hello! Welcome to XYZ. How may I help you today?” Yes, this is what we call the proactive chat strategy. Remember you visitor will be like an every other person who visit your site and go away, until and unless you go and talk to them. Save it anywhere that your visitor can be your customer and your asset. It’s you, the live chat agent who has to step forward first and ask first. Customers love it. Don’t make them type or ask silly questions like “hello! Is anyone there?” This will kill your goodwill.

5. Pre ad Post Chat Surveys:

Reason talking about pre and post chat surveys, in the end, is because the last rule is usually the important one in every list. Know your customers inside out. Get to know what exactly does they want? Collect information, before and after the sales. So that in future you can engage with them by start talking about the previous purchases, asking for remarks explaining more pros and fewer cons (if necessary).

So, Hope that these little important guidelines can help you generate leads and take your engagement to a whole new level. Numerous offshore chat agents are available in the industry and among all the others, Outsource Chat Operators provide one of the finest live chat answering services in terms of quality lead generations. Go for 14 days free trial and cash your customers.

Originally published at jmblogging.tumblr.com.