Yes. Yes We Can.

Binyamin Appelbaum, a Pulitzer Prize-winning economist and author, recently penned an article in the New York Times entitled “Blame Economists for the Mess We’re In”. Appelbaum argues that, by the late 1960’s, the lawyers and politicians that had dominated the American government had become paralyzed by the complex and large-scale nature of the issues they were facing. Power and influence was ceded to a growing number of academics (read: economists) who had the tools and desire to explore systematic questions and provide policy guidance.

Appelbaum further argues that, between 1969 and 2008, “economists played a leading role in slashing taxation…

This was written in the Fall of 2018 shortly after Tenbo Air decided to wind-down it’s business operations. While I was not a founding member, I was the first full time employee and I have a strong sense of ownership over the project to this day.

For the past year, I spent the vast majority of my time and energy helping two friends of mine build a drone services startup, Tenbo Air. Last month, we decided it was time to walk away from the project.

It seems like many founders and early employees of tech companies are proud of their…

John McCaffery

Skier & Professional Optimist

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