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Living with faith is like catching birds.

I used to hold a limited concept of trusting a higher power. My concept was very mathematical ; i.e. A + B = C, and if it didn’t, then I had done something wrong. Unpredictable as it is, life upset this view several times. When a plan went right, or a prayer was answered, I clung tightly. When something made its exit from my life, I wondered “what have I done wrong?”, or “what part of the equation did I miss?”.

Relationships failed, career paths and education goals fell flat, and I felt…

The Heart of the Labyrinth — Mask Magazine

This story has been in the back of my mind for weeks. I haven’t made any notes, or even opened this site to draft. I don’t understand what fears stop people from doing the things that they love. Is it something about vulnerability? Shout out Brene Brown.

Regardless, here I am. I’m 22 and I don’t understand why I’m not 35 already, or 75. I don’t understand why I haven’t “discovered my passion”, “started my dream job”, or “met the one”. It’s laughable. Logic does tell me that at this age of 22 I should be lost and flailing. It’s…

Chaos Theory Butterfly by Asteriaa / Redbubble

One day I stopped liking the color red

It didn’t become ugly, it just didn’t make my heart sing like it did

To my eyes it was pleasing

And this change got me thinking

“The only thing you can count on is change”

I hear that every day


And what if

What if we become so fixated on who we thought we would be today ten years ago

That we never give ourselves the chance to be who we are today

Think about, quantum physics

What if on your 12th birthday, when three people showed up, your drunk father…

I paced my room; past the discarded outfits strewn across the bed. Past the mirror I used to judge my hair and make-up. Past the shelf of scents and creams and love potions. Exhausted, I sat down atop the pile of clothes on my bed. Red numbers on my digital clock told me I had 45 minutes until my date. My thoughts raced:

What will he think of my old flannel?

What will I say if he asks about my family?

Will he kiss me at the end of the night?

Should I let him kiss me at the end…

A​re you awake? When you drove to work this morning, did you notice the finches resting upon the traffic light, or the young man spinning a sign for the new housing in your neighborhood? Or, did you park your car in the office garage and think: hopefully all those lights I went through were green! If you did, don’t worry. You’re not alone — most of us move through our lives half asleep.

M​indfulness is a practice encouraged by spiritual leaders, and some business leaders, to gain the most out of our time on Earth. To be fully awake during…

Jolissa McCauley

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