Rabbi Sacks and the “American Covenant”

Rabbi Sacks is among the world’s greatest living citizens (and his many awards acknowledge his stature). The speech noted below was delivered at an event organized by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a right-leaning think tank in America. One might wonder why a right-wing think tank is giving the stage to a rabbi, but an assessment of the speech confirms Sacks’ profound ability to survey America (and the world’s) current political and social state.

These days it’s often easy to diminish religious leaders as archaic or out of touch, however I’ve learned (from my dad) to greatly admire the opinions of the most-acclaimed religious leaders as they look through a vastly different lens than most of us naturally use. The rabbi’s speech underlines the necessity for all of us to consider different or unconventional points of view to help America and beyond find the footing required to renew western liberal democracies.