I think what first stood out to me was the seriousness of the class. I figured it would be a blow off class, but found out very quickly we were learning important media strategies, and probably the biggest thing i’ll take away from this class would be the passion in which it was teached, and the students ability to really connect to what was being teached, because we are all invested in media. i definitly think more schools should teach media because before i got to media i had no idea what platos allagory of the cave was and how it connected to media, or how we are all in our own echo chambers as far as were we consume our news from. My writing skills definitly became more developed because i had not written anything hard since my research paper junior year. What helped honestly, even though i do not want to admit it, the blogs kept my writing check and i think that should continue. Advise to first semester seniors next year, this is not a blow off class I hope you know that by now. We do not get a lot of homework so when it is assigned do it, mini quizes in class add up, and if you need help with anything you can always ask misses meyers because she is chill.

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