How Is Colourpop Changing the Game?

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A cosmetic company that is low price, high quality, cruelty free, vegan, and made ethically? Introducing Colourpop, a fresh and ethical makeup company founded by two siblings in LA in 2014 delivering luxury products at a low cost. Their parent company is Seed Beauty, which also owns Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty, two other extremely successful companies.

Since the 1940’s, cosmetic companies have been testing their products on animals. Only recently have companies began to use alternatives, alongside. Colourpop Cosmetics has been ahead of the game since their launch in 2014. Not only did they start with all cruelty free products, but refused to use non-vegan ingredients. Costumers began noticing them online immediately, specifically on Instagram — their total following reached 7 million this year.

Price and Quality

The initial attraction to the brand started with their extremely low prices. They claimed to have eyeshadows for $5, blush or bronzer for $8, $12 eyeshadow palettes, and has expanded to brushes, skincare, and more all within the $5-$20 range. These prices are less than those sold at the drugstore, and significantly less than luxury products. “Their quality is better than the products at the drugstore, and so is the price.” said Alexa Stegmeier, 21, Student and Colourpop user. She continued, “Their products last all day.”

Catherine, 20, makeup lover, also agrees. “The price is extremely affordable and is another factor which motivates me to be a repeat customer.”

This begged the question: How does Coloupop do it? Well, first, you should know they have always remained transparent.

Colourpop has always made it known that they are animal, wallet, and eco-friendly. They pride themselves on being made in the United States, another almost unheard of tactic in the cosmetic industry. They reside in Los Angeles, where they produce, ship, and manufacture all of their products. Their website goes into detail, making sure their costumers know that their workers are always treated and paid fairly.


All of Colourpop’s products are ethically made in southern California. In other words, they manufacture, test, package, and ship out their products all under one roof. This allows their prices to continue to be so low, and their workers to be paid and treated fairly.

And although those interviewed did not buy exclusively cruelty free or vegan products, each agreed that it furthered their interest in the company, as well as their fair treatment of workers. Colourpop states on their website that they do not test on any animals, but do test on humans at their headquarters.

Large selection of fresh, new products

Not only is Colourpop changing the makeup game in price and ethics, but in shade range as well. They recently launched their concealers and pump foundations with over 40 shades. This enforces their message of high quality, low price, for everyone.

“I initially bought colourpop because I loved their wide range of products,” said Catherine. She continued, “But when I found out that they were cruelty free that was an extra bonus and motivated me to shop there even more.”

They’ve also introduced some products that haven’t been done before, like their Super Shock Shadow — a bouncy, gel like eyeshadow applied best with fingers. Or their new Glittery Obsessed gel-like glitter which they describe as “a paste with ultra intense sparkle.” They also released their skin-care line, Fourth Ray Beauty, in August of 2018, which started with a handful of products and has grown to over twenty serums, cleansers, sprays, and more. Most importantly, no item costs more than $25, which in the skin-care world, is almost unheard of.

Colourpop wants costumers to know that they are heard. Along with their wide selection of colors and styles, they offer over forty shades in foundations, concealers, and pressed powders, called “No Filter Complexion.” Until recently, this was extremely uncommon in the cosmetic world, in which companies mainly entertained their light skin audiences. Colourpop recognizes this issue by including all colors in their products, while keeping them wallet friendly.

So, is the key to Colourpop’s success their low prices? Cruelty free/Vegan products? Product selection? Perhaps, it’s all three. They have gone from a cult following online shop, to a mainstream brand now sold at Sephora with over 7 million followers. They have thousands of reviews on all their items online, mostly customers complimenting their products. “I’m fascinated with pigmentation and durability of the shadows,” one reviewer said. “This compares (and trumps) high end foundations,” said another. Now that they’ve reached a wide audience, Colourpop made sure to address their customers and confirmed that their roots will always remain the same, including their prices.

Colourpop doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, within the last year, they have been featured in many publications, as well as launching selected products in Sephora stores throughout the US. So, what’s next for Colourpop?

For more information, visit Colourpop Cosmetics at or on Instagram @Colourpopcosmetics.

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