Pence might have his reasons, but if women are systematically excluded from these “social” events (and don’t kid yourself, a lot of corporate leadership bonding happens off-site) the practice disadvantages females.
Let’s look at this another way by considering the following case: A gay man married to another gay…
Virginia Hall

I agree wholeheartedly! But the unprofessionalism in practice is far beyond Mr. Pence’s policy of avoiding one-to-one encounters with women other than his wife. The systemically sexist exclusion of women by meeting at mens’ clubs is an entirely separate issue than avoiding one-to-one, closed-door meetings that can prompt office gossip. At that, office gossip is itself unprofessional behavior. By rectifying unprofessionalism in the workplace, I suspect that this question of personal policy becomes increasingly less sexist. Context and motivation of the man or woman wielding a policy matter.

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