At this point there is no serious debate in the science community about whether climate change is real and human made or not.
There are several factors involved in this.
Philipp Markolin

I’m in the science community within a different field. While I’m no stranger to science, I am almost entirely unaware of our datasets related to climate change and have heard few scientists make compelling scientific arguments to the public because the rhetoric falls back on “it’s obvious”. Your comment that we are so far unable to find a model that explains current climate change trends without considering human contribution is probably the most compelling and scientific aspect of your response, and in large part what I’ve been searching for.

I don’t need the raw data (I couldn’t interpret it expertly as a non-expert even if I wanted to), but have rather been in doubt of the dogmatic assertions and circular appeals to unnamed proof in order to convince deniers.

Thank you for adding to Chris Crawford’s earlier reply, you’ve both helped my understanding immensely.

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