man-made climate change
The three most powerful words in science
Mark Humphries

Is man-made climate change dogma or established scientific theory?

As a vascular endocrinologist this is well outside my area of expertise, but even so, I’ve yet to speak to a climatologist about this and actually understand what’s going on beyond the fact that we know the world is warming; causation is left open for interpretation, and I feel somewhat isolated as a scientist answering this question with “I don’t know”.

How is popular culture so divided on man-made climate change if it’s such an established phenomenon?

What is the evidence for man-made climate change?

What does the evidence suggest it’s the mechanism of man-made climate change?

What is the limit of our knowledge about climate change?

What are the ethical implications if we are able to demonstrate causality of our existence on climate change?

I don’t know…but would be immensely grateful if someone could point me in the right direction without derision or dismissiveness.

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