Executive training: From “good practice” to “competitive good practice”

Most students in Docensas’s Elevator Business Management Program (EBM) are executives with a technical profile or who work in companies founded mainly by elevator technicians.

They are SMEs that have realised that proper installation and maintenance techniques must be integrated with business management techniques.

Executives of small elevator companies need to be trained in business management to make growth an organised and long-term objective.

These executives, having trained in a business culture that’s essentially technical, are well versed in the art of providing the service and, if founders have achieved to instil the sense of good practice in their employees, their companies will have accomplished, in addition, a healthy reputation among their customers.

Due to legal requirements, the pressure of competition and the greater demand of customers or employees, SMEs are seeing how business management is getting more and more difficult, jeopardising a business model based on “good practice”.

For that “good practice” to become a “competitive good practice”, it is necessary to acquire an overview of business management factors and be aware of the techniques and tools to be applied in each function in the company.

Taking shortcuts, growing is easy: decreasing prices, launching utopic advertising campaigns, saving when providing basic services… but for that, business management programs are not necessary.

Management training is necessary when we want to grow, or maybe just improve, keeping our customers satisfied, as well as the people committed to the company, whether they are employees, collaborators or owners, and the society we live in.

This month of April we begin the Third Edition of our Elevator Business Management Program, aimed at professionals in the elevator industry that believe in the value of good management. If you’re interested and don’t want to miss this opportunity, contact us!

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