The adventure of learning

Last Friday DOCENSAS began a new Module about Elevator Engineering in Zaragoza, the capital of the elevator industry in terms of number of manufacturers and specialized innovation centres, particularly ITAINNOVA, the place where the first session was held.

The first encounter with our travel companions for the next fifteen months of the Management Program holds a symbolism. The first day at the new school, the first day in University, the first day of that Management Program… they are the gateway to that sort of initiatory journey that every intense learning experience involves.

The group of participants that started this journey is again very heterogeneous. They come from different cities, and have different ages, gender and professional profiles. But all of them share the same humbleness, will to improve and spirit of collaboration.

Humbleness to admit that we always have things to learn and that, with effort and participation, we will undergo a process of transformation that will turn us into better people and better professionals than we were before beginning.

Will to improve, because the best way to confront difficulties is turning them into challenges and opportunities that make us grow.

Spirit of collaboration, because we know that sharing and bonding with other companies is a key to survive the sometimes-wild competition menacing.

These days, we learn from experts how to improve our engineering proposals to make them more efficient, comfortable and dimensionally more optimal. In the next months, we will review the principles underlying our businesses and we will look for more efficient ways of turning our goals into realities.

All learning processes, when lived intensely, entail sacrifices, not so much with regard to time, but to habits. Some prefixed ideas lag behind and others renew our mental schemes, making us more adaptable to changes.

At the very least, all participants will obtain a handful of tools that will make their work easier.

In April, there is a new opportunity to join the journey and, if you think that Docensas’s specialized Management Program is for you, we will welcome you with open arms. I hope you request for more info, and consider the option to join other SMEs executives of our industry.

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José María Compagni

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