The age limit for a business management program

In our minds, business management programs are traditionally associated with ambitious and brilliant young people throwing their mortarboards in the air, happy to put an end to a stage of their lives.

However, as Mateo Alemán said, “youth is not a period of time, it is a state of mind”. When the age of ageing and the retirement age are increased, the working lifespan is extended, not out of necessity, but in many cases, out of choice.

We see more and more brilliant seventy or even eighty-year-old people who keep working, creating and, many times, innovating, just because they can and they love it, and very probably because it makes them stay youthful.

We suppose that this trend will rise in the future and we will witness more people in retirement age reinventing themselves.

This means a fundamental change in the concept of continuing education or lifelong learning.

Besides, we usually associate management programs to huge growth projects that require a great deal of energy, when there is another trend that is increasingly emphasizing the need to take care of the existing customers and just do better what we already do well.

Personally, I am a fervent defender of the diversity in the classroom, as a melting pot of a great plurality of profiles of diverse geographical origin, but also from various generations. A classroom shared by people aged thirty, forty and fifty has a wealth of contributions that uniform classrooms lack. Ambition and humbleness, enthusiasm and experience, new ways of seeing the world and groundings full of prejudices… contrasts are a strong source of learning.

They say that, from the age of 30, we can lose up to 100.000 neurons a day, so learning factors such as memory tend to decline. But, who learns memorizing nowadays?

The effects of a cooperative and collaborative learning between the members of a varied group, or a learning that provides different skills and life experiences, are much more positive than those of a rote or receptive learning.

With that in mind, we must plan our life including training programs in each one of its stages.

The benefits associated with lifelong learning are manifold: personal fulfilment, keeping up-to-date, mental wellbeing, life quality, self-confidence, positive spirit, social interaction, new inspiration…

Definitely, there is no age limit for business management programs or other kind of training programs. On the contrary, training promotes mental health, slows ageing and enriches the learning of the group, whether it is composed of young people aged thirty, fifty or over.

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José María Compagni

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