The Manager’s Time

Only those who have managed a company know how difficult it can be. If, in addition, it is a small company engaged in the installation and maintenance industry, it gets even more complicated.

Many of them call themselves “Managers”, but they are actually Managers only for a short part of their time.

If business cards responded to reality, the business card of a small company’s Manager should be something like this:

Nevertheless, the amount of time devoted is not as important as the quality of the work done while acting as a Manager.

To develop management tasks, a Manager needs to be familiar with a variety of management tools, and know how to apply them, something that today the students of the EBM EN program are learning with Docensas.

The program, whose Third Edition begins next January 2017, shows us how to make the most of our time as Managers efficiently and effectively.

Something which is essential, whether we have much or little time to spend.

Especially when we have little.

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José María Compagni

Written by

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