I am doing well — thank you for asking!
Josh Kerr

I laugh when I read the characterizations of the folks that voted no on Prop 1, and yours follows the form; they live in the suburbs, have never used Uber or Lyft, are not technically savvy, and a new one, they don’t use Medium. Judge much? Maybe you forgot “old” and “white”, or maybe using those descriptors would have steepened the slant of the nose you are looking down.

Let’s face it, Texans don’t like being told what to do. Even in Austin, which is barely Texas. And that goes for all Texans, no matter what narrow box you want to put them in, or leave them out of. I was amazed to read Louis Black, one of the founders of the Austin Chronicle, come out against Prop 1, and one of the reasons for that amazement is that I rarely agree with what he writes on Page 2. We rarely, if ever, are in the same camp, and the fact that we were on this one meant that U/L had really crapped the bed.

I hope U/L eventually come to their senses and work out a compromise with the ELECTED OFFICIALS of Austin, but I will shed no tears if they don’t. Sometimes spoiled kids just need to ignored.

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