Poem: “Educate Yourself”

A brief aside: I’ve been struggling lately with the dichotomies of engaging with those of bad faith (the right who want to discount the news) vs the censorship and self-policing of the left. This particular poem deals principally with the latter in terms of Social Justice Warriors (SJW) but is situated between the two.

Depends which day you catch them on,
 whether SJW’s will deign to answer you.
As the W implies, they project themselves at war’s front lines,
 against waves of unending ignorance bombarding their spirits.
Rules of engagement dictate no prisoners are kept;
 The enemy is already lost, thus prisoners are liabilities.
Weary against eternal recurrence, they meet earnest questions cynically — 
 “It is not up to me to tell you. Figure it out yourself.”
Their discipline has a point, albeit shallow and dull,
 that we all have a moral duty to improve ourselves
but it’s a mere tautology when learning can lead anywhere.

True the internet chronicles each old battle — rehashed debate — 
 but this treacherous expanse demands guides and Google is a many-faced god.
Even our questions color our results with loaded words — implicit biases — 
 and the oracles provide more knowledge than holistic wisdom.
Say you follow their edict, drawing conclusions from your questions
 that entrench your problematic beliefs with confirmation bias.
Despite their intentions, the No Man’s Land stretches further between us.
 The war becomes that much harder to ever resolve.
Communication was deliberately muddied and noxious, weaponized
 as a plague and escalating the arms race.
Can we come back from the brink of conflict everlasting?

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