Dear Republican Congressperson,

This situation, the situation where Russia has infringed on our national sovereignty, although troubling, presents you with an opportunity. We could debate and theorize about woulda, coulda, shouldas all day. But, at the end of that day we are left where we are. Here. Russian involvement in our election and our government is not simply a Democratic issue or a Republican issue, it’s an American issue. The pedigree of America, and maybe the very existence of America, is on the line. Please stand up against this administration. Please speak out against this administration.

I hate to be this crass, but part of what makes this situation so politically intriguing is that many people were extremely upset prior to the election. Upset by both inaction - and action - they perceived as non-American. So upset that they voted for an unstable person on the chance that it might instigate some movement. So upset they willingly bit the bullet for the mere possibility of something new. They’re American and they were wooed by the prospect of improving America. The political system might have dictated who they chose, but in their minds they were making the best choice for America. However, now, who they did choose is a person who insults every opponent he encounters. Nothing is sacred to him and unfortunately, now, America is his opponent. As he operates in opposition to America, he will insult the intelligence of the American people and America’s institutions. He will pass the blame, skirt every issue, and attempt again and again to divert anger on to something or someone else.

And now the America his voters love and want to support is jeopardized. The man they hoped might represent their voices, might improve their America, betrayed them and violated them. But not just them. He betrayed all of us. He betrayed his entire country. He betrayed America.

His betrayal leaves those same people who voted for him, those same people seeking to improve America, without a dance partner. They will never dance with a Democrat. They refuse to swing that way. With that self imposed limit in place, only a Republican can hope to rally their support. Any Democrat’s condemnation gets drowned out, but the Republican pitch is slightly different. And fewer Republican’s speaking out in opposition to the betrayal means less interference with your message. In this case less is more. More attention, more ears, more voters.

Many voters in Republican districts don’t care what Democrats might think on an issue, but they do care about America. Stand up for them! Be a voice for them! Some see the possibility of enacting a conservative agenda as worth a certain amount of displeasure. But this is too much displeasure. Stand up! Speak out! Attract those who are unhappy. Attract them with leadership. Make a real American voice available. One willing to stand up for the truth. One willing to stand up for honesty. One willing to stand up for America and seize this opportunity.


Jason Decent

Fellow American

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