Florida Man Strikes Again-

a News Review



The Miami New Times, specifically writer Jerry Iannelli, presents this story as an accomplished young man, Austin Harrouf, with a bright future, got erratically angry, potentially under the influence of drugs. In his anger, he found an elderly couple with the garage door open and stabbed them. When someone attempted to intervene, Harrouf kills him as well. He was found eating one of the victims.


I selected this story as I thought the presentation was interesting. Only about 3 paragraphs include the heinous crime the man committed. The remaining are scattered with his great accomplishments in high school and college and how his reputation is ruined as opposed to how he is a cannibal.

Social Media:

I found this article on Facebook. It was shared in seriousness with no remarks to the ridiculous presentation. I shared it in criticism of the presentation as well as in comparison to when stories of rape are being told. Within my personal Facebook page (with the post set to public) I received a strong backlash towards the article, in agreement with my commentary. I read the comments of the original post and I believe the social media impact can be summarized by two paths.

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