Woman breaks world record for half marathon pushing stroller: a News Review

This week in Fayetteville, a woman ran a half marathon in 2 hours, 1 minute, while pushing a triple stroller. A year ago, her triplets were leaving the neonatal intensive care unit where they stayed for two months. She is the record holder for the fastest woman in the world to run a half marathon or marathon while pushing a stroller and in the running for the only woman pushing a triple stroller during a half marathon.

I found this on the NewsOn app under North Carolina’s local news. After a Facebook search, found the story on Good Morning America’s Facebook. There were 353 shares and 30 comments. Most if the comments were positive, calling the woman an inspiration, but some argued it wasn’t real news. Even though Good Morning America and the Today show had covered it, I had to dig to find the story.

I chose this because I’m a runner and a woman and will someday have children and I found the story inspiring. The segment was very cut and dry and the on location reporter only introduced the story and background and let the b roll and subject tell the story instead. I was also surprised it hadn’t been shared more often given the feel-good story and background.