This a by far the most common question I get from aspiring designers. Even in the ultra-connected era, books are still a great way to learn. I compiled a small list that I will maintain and evolve.

Top 5


A year and a half ago, I began teaching myself 3D and its intricacies. Some of my first creations were wallpapers.

Why? Wallpapers setups can be simple, they teach you fundamentals of modeling, texturing, lighting. It’s a still image so you control and perfect every details.

Holistically, the third dimension helped me create things I had in mind but couldn’t previously create. It gives you more freedom than anything you experienced before. Space, scale, textures, shapes, camera angle and obviously and most importantly — light.

Making this wallpaper series, I wanted to get better at all of the above, explore…

I curated a list of really good shorts about dystopian futures. Usually exploring extreme, excess or misuse of immersive technologies into our lives. I will update the list over the time.

“Have fun”

Feel free to send me videos links if you think it can benefit this list. Join the discussion in the “Immersive design” group.

Immersion 2015

Immersion has taken the world by storm. Initially created as a virtual gaming platform more enticing than reality, its simulations have become so convincing that criminals are now being treated as patients inside virtual reality. Pairing the worlds of Immersion with…

I have been lucky enough to attend Epicurrence #3 and I learned so much during this conference that I feel it’s time to give this chance to someone else who cannot afford it.

If you are a young designer/developper who wants to attend Epicurrence Montues, I am offering a free ticket.

Dann Petty gives you 10 reasons why you should go.

Fill this form before midnight PST on February 26th.

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When will I know?
I will announce the winner on Twitter Friday February 26th.

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Personal experience and intro to VR.


I am a product designer at Google, and I joined the company through Sparrow, a French startup that got acquired on July 20, 2012. Since then, I worked with the Gmail team to build from scratch a flagship product that became Inbox by Gmail. It shipped on October 22, 2014.

I designed productive applications for a few years, and I felt like I reached a tipping point. I wanted to expand my skill set, learn new things every day and get better at something I’ve never touched. I needed new challenges to reboot myself by leaving my comfort zone.


Everything you asked for and more

I have been using Sketch 3 since end of February 2014 and I’ll present some of the new features so you know what you’ll be looking for while playing with this version.

During the year, I kept praising Sketch by writing few articles or making some internal workshop in Google. Lots of people (not only designers) switched to Sketch. With this update, Bohemian Coding is making a bold statement about their line of conduct: they listen, they build, they ship.

At a very fast and impressive pace, they daily kept pushing a crazy amount…


Enhancing your flow, one keystroke at a time

As a Mac OS user, you probably already know how to copy and paste. I’ll show you some more advanced shortcuts that I use a lot that maybe you’re not aware of. All of them are huge time savers.

To make myself adapt to the shortcut, I tend to learn it immediately — as soon as I navigate through a menu or try to find the right icon. It’s a bit painful, but it’s worth it when you think about how many times you’ll perform these actions everyday.

Sketch icon by Emanuel Sá

“the designer’s toolbox”

During my last trip to San Francisco for the WWDC 2013, I have been lucky enough to meet great people from all over the world that are dedicated and passionate about building better experiences and better tools for designer.

I tried Sketch (Mac only) when it was first released a year ago. The lack of some feature and the difficulty to move away from my routines drove me back to Photoshop. Still, the designer community seemed really enthusiastic about it. This made me dedicate some serious time exploring it and teaching myself the basics. …

I have been asked to answer few questions…

What do you think about iOS 7? Do you like how it looks like?

Some facts first. Apple iOS 6 was very dated and they had to do a dramatic change from a user interface and user experience perspective. The world was waiting for something awesome and had very high expectations.

To be honest, during the keynote presentation of iOS 7, I was very much skeptical. Even more so when I saw the SpringBoard icons.

That being said, you can’t deny the dramatic shift they did and the best is what they didn’t show you during the Keynote. I am using iOS 7 for two weeks and I can tell that the whole…

Jean-Marc Denis

Product design manager at Facebook Messenger. Former Google Daydream, Inbox, Gmail and Sparrow.

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