Attend The Montues for free #payitforward

Jean-Marc Denis

I have been lucky enough to attend Epicurrence #3 and I learned so much during this conference that I feel it’s time to give this chance to someone else who cannot afford it.

If you are a young designer/developper who wants to attend Epicurrence Montues, I am offering a free ticket.

Dann Petty gives you 10 reasons why you should go.

Fill this form before midnight PST on February 26th.

In ‘Why do you want to attend?” text input

  • Add “jmd free pass” at the beginning
  • Tell us your name and story and why you want to attend

When will I know?
I will announce the winner on Twitter Friday February 26th.

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Jean-Marc Denis

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Product design manager at Facebook Messenger. Former Google Daydream, Inbox, Gmail and Sparrow.

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