Q&A about iOS7 by

I have been asked to answer few questions…

What do you think about iOS 7? Do you like how it looks like?

Some facts first. Apple iOS 6 was very dated and they had to do a dramatic change from a user interface and user experience perspective. The world was waiting for something awesome and had very high expectations.

To be honest, during the keynote presentation of iOS 7, I was very much skeptical. Even more so when I saw the SpringBoard icons.

That being said, you can’t deny the dramatic shift they did and the best is what they didn’t show you during the Keynote. I am using iOS 7 for two weeks and I can tell that the whole OS feels more natural and lighter to use. Their effort to focus on the content with visual treatment such as blurring the content behind the translucent navbar, status bar and toolbar or removing as much chrome as possible is working as intended. On the other hand, the visual design with angular shaped slim glyphs and SpringBoard icons lacks of consistency.

As a side note you can’t underestimate the amount of engineer work that has been done to help developers. I highly recommend looking at the WWDC videos ( to realize the quality, quantity of love they put in the SDK. I can think of TextKit, UIKit Dynamics, Sprite Kit, XCode 5 and Scene Kit.

You prefer skeuomorphism of flat UI? Why?

I don’t have a preference. Each of them serves a specific purpose. I use one or the other when I think that it’s going to be the best user experience possible I can provide to the user. This is not a visual design preference. One is not the evolution or the regression of the other. Mobile interfaces tend to remove clutter by removing chrome and unnecessary details. Putting the content under the spotlight and highlighting actions make a lot of sense.

Will mobile apps’ UI change after release of iOS 7 or it will not matters for design trends?

I am not sure I’d call that a trend. You have to be true to the platform. That’s why I think, as a designer, HIGs should have a big influence in my choices when I design a product. Having a new OS is the best sandbox you can hope for. Even more so when you have new tools to play with (UIKit Dynamics, TextKit). I am sure we will see a lot of new interactions and animations design. Apple charts show that 93% of people use iOS 6. That’s a very high number so the transition from 6 to 7 is going to be interesting for the user and a bit tricky for small companies.