The Computer Revolution Has Yet to Happen

Yes, interesting but a bit too hopeful i’m afraid. Computers will open posibilities for those who care to do the work. There will always be work necessary to achieve something.

People do not create their own novels, and poetry, movies, or vehicules. The mass will no more (probably ever) do their own software.

If I may, this idea (which we dreamed of whence we were young — TI/99A was also my first machine) that personal PC would be a personal intellectual multiplier, such as a snowblower is a snow shovel multiplier is wrong.

The Revolution, even in its infancy, is already here (deep learning, autonomous cars, the cloud and its instantaneous linkage for everyone). But it is in the hands of a few — some with ideas, some with money. The real “Computer Revolution” is the one that permits the few to lead the masses, and that is already happening.

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