My first thought

The other night a colleague asked a great question.

What was your first thought?

Our table went quiet. It is hard to distinguish between thoughts and memories.

Certain memories surfaced first. I didn’t want to share them. I took another minute.

This may not be my first thought. However, it is a time very early in my life that I remember myself deeply trying to understand the world around me.

My mom and I stood in line at the grocery store. I was four or five. A woman queues up behind us and starts talking.

Woman: Hi. I have a daughter about her age. Where does she go to preschool?

Mom: The one just down the street here.

Woman: I see. Well, you know, the only good preschool in this town is Such and Such Academy.

Mom: I have heard. It is pretty expensive.

Woman: Most good things are.

The conversation probably ended with some pleasantries. Full disclosure: I don’t remember this exchange verbatim.

I just remember leaving the grocery store perplexed.

Jme: Why is that school so good?

Mom: Sometimes we think money makes things better. It’s not always true.

What was your first thought?