Trump isn’t the cause of all this and the Conservative party should take note

The problem is not so much the outrageous things Trump says.

Rather, it’s that the people following him have believed some of this nasty stuff for years, and that he has been given a platform by established party machinery to confirm all the misinformation they have swallowed.

“Finally, someone telling the TRUTH and sees things for what they really are.”

You can’t wait until the last minute, when the sentiment you have fuelled finally bubbles up and then say, “OK that’s too much, that’s enough” and call that leadership.

As Obama put it, The Republican Party allowed the house to be built and Trump just slapped his name on it.

There’s plenty of analogy with some people who campaigned for Brexit and people who fuel blame-the-immigrant tales and beliefs. Including the rise of UKIP, EDL and the like.

‘Throwing a bit of red meat’ to the ‘base’ is not a one-off thing. It is not just a ‘conference speech just for the die-hards, not real policy’. It gets heard, and has a lasting, compounding effect on society.

When you see dogwhistles being blown, it cannot be dismissed as simple politicking or tabloid banter.