Links 002: Techno-Vikings

The symbol for bluetooth is pulled from the pre-Viking runes of King Harald Bluetooth’s name. The creators of bluetooth technology hoped it would unite and standardize computers like Harald Bluetooth united Denmark and Norway. (Note: whaaaaaaaat!?)

Customers buy 2.5 times as much when they order groceries on Instacart than when they shop in the store themselves, Whole Foods says. Don’t internet shop hungry?

An engineer in Copenhagen just demonstated a series of gloves and tools that can teach fine motor skills with haptic feedback. But did I draw it if I uploaded a file into the machine and buckled in for the ride?

Leaked screenshots show that Facebook is working on adding person-to-person payments to the Messenger app. This reminds me of Frank Chimero’s Boring Future Vol. 1

Facebook invents a social crypto-currency called Facebucks. On its introduction, employees are offered a 10% raise if they volunteer to have their salary paid in Facebucks. A year after release, the entire Valley is forced to accept Facebucks as a form of currency due to social pressure. Facebook, with its new standard currency, is now another step closer to being a soverign state.

And speaking of Facebook taking over the world, Chimero makes a case that its a compelling reason to build Facebook right into the internet itself.

If a fifth of the planet signs on to Facebook each month, why shouldn’t a neutral version of it’s functionality be built into the protocol, markup spec, and browsers that drive the distributed web? (An argument could be made that Facebook is already trying to do the inverse — turning the internet into Facebook — with its campaign.) We should view the size and success of these companies as clear calls to recreate their products’ core functionality and weave it into the fabric of the web.
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