Well, i was originally going to write this article trying to be “politically correct” and use terms and phrases that don’t make me sound like an uneducated black person. However i said FUCK that! I’m going to write my blog the way i would like to write it. With that being said, today i am a ratified black woman with a reason and a cause. I want to start off by saying WTF America. Yesterday i saw another black man’s name used as a #hashtag. Sad to say that it has come to the point where its not even surprising to me anymore. People are so upset and and ready to………………..just talk about it.

I know, i know, I sound like a hater of my own people, but that's the furthest thing from the truth. As my name in my bio states, I am just that. So no i don't look at the black issues in the light that most people may. I am not one of these black people who is just ready to talk, I’m ready to EDUCATE ! The black community has such a disconnect to the education around us that we don't even realize whats going on.

So let me make this clear US BLACK FOLKS, WE ARE AT WAR !! The black man/woman has been the only person in history that has EVER been dehumanized, victimized, and brutalized. Black American slavery is the ONLY slavery in history and the world that the ENTIRE world not only knew about and benefited from it, but no other country ever said or did anything to stop it. The black person in America is the only person on the planet who has been brainwashed to the point of thinking that their God looks like their oppressor.

The black person has been taken down in so many ways mentally, that it was only a matter of time that the physical part would rise up again. The issue that US black people have is that we are very disconnected with our history. Irish people are proud to wear their green colors, talk about their lineage, and be proud. An Asian person can come here to America and practice all the teaching they have learned in life. The British man can come from GB and be treated like a king. Black people, as soon as you tell an uneducated black person they are African, you will hear this….”well my grandma was Cherokee Indian, my grandfather was mixed” or “my mom is half Rican or my dad is a mut of mix”. WTH is the problem with black people saying “yea i am African”.

The times of today has brainwashed everyone to be ashamed to come from Africa. WHY ?!?!?!?! African is literately the motherland to ALL, and us as black folks in America (besides those Africans who are straight from Africa or live there currently) are the closest representation of our mother Africa. But we have been told for years that we are the savages who swung from trees and ate people. However, there is NOTHING in African history or the history of African people that support that claim.

Once we have realized that we are at war, spiritually, mentally, and physically we will understand how to beat this demon here on earth. We need to be like our brother Fredrick Douglas…. He was bound in chains mentally and physically and still found a way to better himself and be everything that the white person is “afraid of”, and educated black man! We as black people in America need to understand the gravity of the situation and take hold. Either that or we will be on a hell of a ride……………….