The Democratic Debate Scandal

The first Democratic Debate is over, and depending on which news agency you follow they put Hilary Clinton as the clear winner. The internet tells a different story in just about every imaginable metric from Facebook, Twitter, and Google, all of which put Bernie Sanders as the overwhelmingly favorite and winner. To credit CNN they did give each candidate their airtime, but that can’t be said post debate.

Reports have been flying in about Bernie Sander supporters comments being deleted on CNN (link here), prompting people to deservedly re-post on social media channels to get their message out.

One of the biggest embarrassments for CNN showed two separate online polls having picked Sanders as the winner. These polls miraculously disappeared off CNN’s webpage but turned up on Reddit thanks to a users quick thinking and taking a screenshot.

If that wasn’t enough CNN replaced the poll with an article saying “Clinton Triumphs at Debate”.

However should we be surprised. In February 2014 Comcast bought Time Warner Cable for $45 billion dollars, creating the largest cable provider in America. Time Warner owns CNN and is Sen. Hillary Clinton’s 7th biggest financial backer. Sen. Hillary Clinton further went on to say she doesn’t pander to Wall Street, however her biggest backers are banks.

2013 Contributions

For people who depend on news outlets for their information, I can only feel they are being done a great disservice by big media who should be non-partisan and working in the interest of the public. The sad reality is most people would not believe Fox News, CNN, or others of the same elk would be other than non-partisan.

It is no secret there is something seriously wrong with big media. You only have to look at Russell Brand to see their malignant behavior towards those who stand up against them.

You can conclude the following:

The editors and whoever else at CNN were incredibly incompetent at their jobs and wrongly assumed Hillary Clinton would be the debates winner, or CNN purposefully deleted comments and flexed their hips and thrust Hillary Clinton down peoples throats post debate denying Bernie Sanders’ his deserved victory.

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