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Coding bootcamp or not Coding bootcamp?

Some years ago the problem was being able to access or buy the right book to learn the programming language of our preference, these days is exactly the opposite, there is so much information, it’s difficult to choose the right learning material, wether is a book, video lessons, tutorials, online course or a Coding Bootcamp.

I read on some random webpage some days ago “Go from 0 to master in eight weeks”, which inspired this article, coding bootcamps offers an organised fast way of learning but you need to be aware of your own learning capabilities before joining one. I am not saying eight weeks is a short period of time to learn a programming language, on the contrary it is entirely possible, but it will depend on how much information you will be able to process and absorb through that period of time.

Every skill you will want to learn and master whether it’s programming, playing a music instrument or surfing to name a few, will require time, consistency and patience. there is no shortcut on becoming great on a skill. Honesty is a must when deciding to spent thousands of dollars on a good coding bootcamp course, specially if you are an absolute beginner.

Measure how much knowledge you can absorbe in one session reading a book on the skill you want to learn or an online course, this will also ease the way in your coding bootcamp because you will be familiar with many concepts and your brain will only have to process the new ones.

Like training for a marathon, first walk, and increase speed and distance bit by bit, if you are consistent after some months you will be surprised how much progress you have made.

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