Oh Karma, My Karma — from a (soon-to-be-former) loyal user
Kyle Taylor

I was very happy with my Karma. I did the math and converted from Refuel to Drift. But, while Karma claims you can keep your already-purchased data, after I converted, my data went from 937 mb to 0. I panicked and converted back to Refuel. While my account showed my data had returned, I also received a message that I could not go back to Refuel until the end of the the billing cycle, which is June 15 — after the deadline for choosing the grandfather option and paying the $3 fee. In the meantime, my Karma Go would have been useless unless I paid to add data to the Drift account (which by the way I could not do using the mobile app — I had to access my account using a web browser). I sent an email to Karma and all I received back was a link to the FAQ.

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