#goals: to be the Leslie Knope to your Anne Perkins.

I want to be the friend who is obsessed with her gal pals. The friend who finds every little thing they do a victory—You wrote a blog post? Let me read it! You asked a guy out on a date? Let me celebrate your courage. You scheduled your first gynecologist appointment? Let’s giggle about how awkward it was and marvel over how amazing our bodies are. You’re seeing the world through a lens of depression and anxiety? Let’s walk through it together.

The women in my life are amazing. They are constant reminders of how to get shit done, how to make hard decisions, how to find balance in a whirlwind of crazy. They are friends who love deep, daughters who have to navigate family through choppy waters, self starters who work for themselves and hustle all day every day. These wonder women are spread across the nation/world getting shit done but I wish they were closer. It’s so easy to forget they are out there. Their courage and boldness inspire me, making waves in my heart like forward motion and the realization of dreams.

And since most of these people live at a distance, I will chose to be a Leslie Knope to them, Anne Perkins. To hoot and holler when they think no one it watching, no one listening, no one noticing the small forward movement coming from their corner of the world. It takes just a little from me to reach out. To shoot them a message letting them know I see them. I remember they are out there, fighting the good fight. That they are not alone. And they are missed.

If you’re a gal pal in my life, be expecting to hear from me. And in the mean time, do that same! Reach out to someone you admire and think the world of. Let them know you see them, want the best for them, and have their backs. We really need to be there for each other now more than ever. ❤


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