Using simple analytics to discover opportunities

Analytics is a major part of marketing, sales, and business development in the modern world. However, many people still don’t utilize the vast amount of information available to them to make informed decisions. There are many different various methods of gathering and analyzing data, but in this article I will demonstrate that simple analysis can be done by anyone at no cost. Google offers an entire analytics suite for people to use, but I will be using Google Trends for this purpose to keep things simple.

I will be examining future development for as they continue to expand their…

The importance of a winning mentality in Esports

Esports is largely divided into two main camps, east and west. In one corner, is the west largely championed by North America and Europe. In the other corner, the east is shaped by Korea, China, and some smaller regions such as Taiwan.

Throughout multiple Esports, Korea has remained a dominant force since Brood War and continues to be in the era of League of Legends. Many analysts and fans have almost taken it for granted that Korea is dominant, so much so that it has poisoned the mind and mentality of other pro players. Unless one subscribes to some genetic…

Utilizing Principles

Unikrn is a betting site focused on E-Sports. It is a fun experience, and the site performs well. It also utilizes responsive design which is fantastic. However, I believe that certain elements of the site hinder the possibility of a better experience. As a fan of E-Sports, I want to help in any way I can. Let’s boost Unikrn from diamond to challenger.

Redesigning the site without adding too many new elements, or changing too many things, offers a good experiment in optimal design that better suits the purpose of Unikrn.

Note: My purpose of this redesign is NOT to…

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