The Parts of My Chronic Illness You Don’t See
Emily Lofgren

Very well said. I’ve had Lyme for 4 years now and it has been so hard to explain the paradox of how I look versus how I feel. And that I do push myself sometimes because I want just a bit of my old life back — just for a day or even a few hours. But only my family sees the price I pay for it. I found it interesting that you mentioned the stuttering. I have the same issue but hadn’t seen it mentioned elsewhere. It’s like my brain just can’t program speech anymore. I’m actually a Speech Pathologist and have spent years working with people with this neurological issue (called Apraxia of Speech). But it’s totally different being the one who can’t get the words out. Anyway, thank-you so much for writing this. God is still good and He is still on His throne. Even though some days it’s tough to remember through the pain. Prayers for your journey, my friend.

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