Hashtags Are A Double-Edged Sword
Gary Vaynerchuk

In Response: Hashtags Are A Double-Edged Sword

Due to the volatile nature of #hashtags for companies, would it then make sense for Twitter to somehow bridge the gap and make it less potentially harmful for businesses to use them. Perhaps a paid opt-in or automatic filtering from Twitter is in the future? Wouldn’t companies, at some point, begin to no longer see the benefits of “owning” a hashtag and come to realize that maybe they should tread more lightly? Seems like a potential game changer and money maker for the platform if they were to institute such a thing.

As far as reversing into a hashtag, while I agree it’s a fun and potentially great marketing idea, I wonder about the ethics of it? Should it be considered unethical, as a marketing ploy to “steal” another companies marketing ploy?

I don’t necessarily think it is, but I do think it is worth considering and talking more about.

Thanks for the post and the thought-provoking questions!

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