I went to check my messages, at the end of a long day, and for a second I got chills…

I went to check my messages, at the end of a long day, and for a second I got chills…

A mistake was done, and it was my fault…

It was already midnight and there was nothing to be done for the time being.

The message I got was from our secretary saying she was going to send our flight and hotel bookings tomorrow for our next business trip.

The issue was that I had already booked the hotels and…

Jenga was invented in the 70s, by a gentleman named Leslie Scott (but I feel it somehow originated in South America)

And the purpose of the game was to avoid being the the person that caused the Jenga tower to fall.

So everybody is trying to avoid the tower to fall.

But most people play it competitively, but this way of playing it, there are never winners, but there's always a loser. The last player to move it.

So me and my cousins, Pat and Jake, were playing Jenga this way. We did about three rounds of games when we…

Some of the challenges that I, as a self-taught person, have had throughout my professional career have not been the theoretical learning of the subjects to which I’ve dedicated myself to learning. Typically the theory is widely available on the internet for everyone.

The biggest challenge I’ve had, has been to navigate between the lines so that you can develop processes of creation, optimization, expansion and finalisation. It’s between the lines that greatness can be achieved, in the intersections.

And these things typically come from experience, from making a lot of mistakes, from experimentation.

“Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions.”

I’ve realised early on that the…

If you are a frequent flyer within Europe and if you fly Ryanair, you must be aware of the recent change on their baggage policy.

If you’re not, here is what they did:


Now, customers that want to take luggage have to either:

1) Pay 6€ and they are allowed to take 2 cabin bags (small one and big one up to 10kg’s) and as a bonus they get priority boarding.

2- Pay 8€ and they are allowed to check-in a 10kg bag and take a small cabin bag.

They justified the change saying it was to expedite boarding…

Unicorns are so fluffy — Photo by Inês Pimentel

Company culture is like a magical unicorn, you can’t see it but everyone says they have a great one.

That’s because it’s not built in a day, its built on top of a lot variants. It’s the day to day interactions, the 1–1’s, the processes you build, the people you hire, the people you fire, the way you deal with bad behaviour, the way you praise the good deeds, the way you interact with clients, suppliers, investors, random people in the street. All this culminates in company culture.

Good or bad, all companies have a culture, even if you don’t…

Our goal as marketers is to provide as many opportunities as possible for our business to make that sale, and we do that by engaging new clients, our current clients, people that are looking for our product or service.

Once I figured that out, I understood that I could market any product, any service there was.

And that’s why my company can launch products in so many different categories, from burger joints to senior homes.

What do they have in common? There are customers actively looking for a solution. Might as well be you that sells that solution…

It’s unbelievable the amount of clutter one can accumulate digitally, you read a nice blog post, you open up another article, oh, let’s subscribe to their newsletter, or the thousand articles you push to the “Read later” service of your choice, follow, join group, like, sounds familiar?

For me is almost daily. When I get interested in something I go nuts about it, I start reading, listening, watching every piece of content I can get my hands on, to absorb the most amount of information I can about that subject. (Youtube is an awesome learning tool)

If you’re like me…

Jorge Miguel Fonseca

Passionate dreamer, traveler, Positive thinker. Love building businesses.

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