Perhaps the American ecommerce space needs a Canadian company to address diversity issues.

(Getty Images / iStockphoto) of diversity
(Getty Images / iStockphoto) of diversity
(Getty Images / iStockphoto)

Ecommerce has a racism issue and we don’t need a whitepaper on it. This isn’t a brand issue. This isn’t a vendor issue. This isn’t a trade pub issue. It’s a widespread ecommerce ecosystem issue.*

During an interview this week with Jim Kramer on “Mad Money”, Shopify COO Harley Finkelstein said, “We believe the future of commerce needs to have diverse voices, more voices not fewer.” My head began racing and my fingers began tapping.

I scoured the web to find racial diversity studies in ecommerce. One article appeared on gender diversity in ecommerce, a very troubling issue within #WomenInTech…

I hope this post finds you.

B2B marketers are in an odd spot right now. What’s the next right thing to get right? Budgets are being reexamined, in-person events meant to network and “fill the sales pipeline” were canceled or went virtual, and brand awareness has dropped. Oh, and anyone who keeps saying it’s business as usual is a 🤡.

Fear not — for the next five-ish minutes — I got eight bite-sized ways that B2B marketers can stay top of mind with target audiences during the Coronavirus crisis. Tip: Grab your favorite cookie sleeve right now.


  1. Communicate appropriately
  2. Read…

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

Truth be told, no one innately knows how to maximize a relationship with a public relations firm — every client learns on the job. It’s normal to anticipate results from your PR agency by way of media coverage or other positive exposure, but the truth is you can only do that when you’re engaged.

More often than not, organizations don’t understand that successful PR activities stem from dedication and time spent with their agency. If a public relations firm says you don’t need to lift a finger and they can “get you in” Fast Company, run.

After this brief ‘how-to’…

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It’s not your fault. You were taught to run a business, not how to share company news with the press. You likely copy what you’ve seen others do. That’s okay, but it’s probably not doing anything for you.

If your PR firm or in-house communications crew is only distributing press releases, I have a surprise for you, they’re not doing public relations (PR) work.

Don’t misunderstand me. Press releases for B2B companies can serve a purpose. But even then the impact is extremely low. Who trusts a company that says it’s fantastic? …

John Forberger

I run Forberger Communications, a commerce-focused Public Relations firm for retail vendors (SaaS companies, ecomm agencies).

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