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Vijay Kiran welcomes us to DCD 2019!

This Saturday (yesterday, as I write these words) marked the first septiversary (one-week anniversary is just so wrong, y’all!) of Dutch Clojure Days, the annual (see, ano means “year”) free Clojure conference in Amsterdam. This is my third one in a row, and I left it with a great feeling and a strong desire to write a blog post on the airplane back home to Stockholm on the following day. When I pulled my pen out, however, I found that the pressure changes had wreaked havoc with the liquid ink therein, so the post had to wait.

Now that my feeble excuse for tardiness is out of the way, let me move on to the conference itself. …


Josh Glover

Josh Glover is a Lisp enthusiast getting his Clojure on in Stockholm, Sweden.

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