Whats so true about your comment is that yes, indeed, we owe Mama Nature a body, which is why I…
Julia E Hubbel

If there’s anyone who doesn’t need to book a ski holiday that would be me, yay;) It’s all of 45 minutes from my front door to plopping my backside in a quad lift at Solitude (my favorite) or Snowbird. Still, I’m going to have a gentle transition back into skiing, assuming I ever can. Psychically I’m not sure that I can ski easy, particularly if there’s fresh powder back in Honeycomb canyon, and practically with both rotator cuffs mostly blown, an arthritic left knee, and needing to baby my back (20% of fusion patients re-offend and I NEVER want to do that surgery again) it may not be smart. We’ll see, mostly I want to be able to trek into wild country (Yellowstone, Bob Marshals, etc.) and of course row my drift boat on a decent sized river, maybe even the Middle Fork of the Salmon;)

Right now I care for my 96 year old dad at home, he’s at the gym right now doing his workout, and if I can calm down my own orthopedic issues I have pretty good odds of some good genes. He ran 20 or so miles a week till about 80 and was a gym rat, could still burn me down in the weight room well into his 70s and me a full time carpenter. Health issues caught up to him, wore his knee out with all the running and for the last ten years increasing dementia has been an issue, so there’s no guarantees. His care needs pin me down pretty thoroughly but that won’t last forever; best of health and hopefully we’ll both still be playing for decades!