More Lies About Aging, and What We Can Do When We Set Our Minds To Something Big
Julia E Hubbel

No, Julia, our bodies are going to fail us, age will eventually kill us…but you’re totally right, we don’t have to “go gentle”. After 6 decades of high intensity physical pursuits I had to admit that I had worn my back out, about 1.75 discs left between S-1 and L-1, that I couldn’t gut my way through this physical setback. So after surgery, screws and rods, spacers, packing with bone chips, I can stand and cook dinner without tractioning on the counter, probably won’t ever drop into the Cirque on a powder day again but will probably ski. I did manage a solo trip in my drift boat in Sept., two nights and three days on the Snake 6 months after surgery. Keep leading, I’ll keep trying to follow;)