I’d like to suggest that you go on line and find the archived broadcast of the 2016 Republican…
Kartar Diamond

So, given that we can’t know what is in someone else’s heart, all we can do is look at their actions, listen to their words. Trump is no longer capable of articulating a coherent thought, but the actions of his administration are clear. They are proposing to define Devon out of existence, and whether or not Trump can understand that action, he is responsible for it. The “president” demonstrated the truly unhinged nature of his intellect yesterday at his bizarre news conference. The contrast between his ability to conduct a conversation and his predecessor’s is stark. President Obama gave detailed, thoughtful answers to questions, particularly those that challenged him or his positions. Trump can only repeat fascistic claims of “fake news” and “enemies of the people”, which of course illustrate just how dangerous he is to rational, civil political discussion, not to mention our constitutional protections for the press.