Now Hiring Friends: Whites Need not Apply
Real Talk: WOC & Allies

Wondering, do you have the energy to winnow the wheat and chaff of non-white people? Lots of chaff out there, precious little wheat…Also wondering what you see in this piece that works against racism and oppression. Righteous anger is both natural and for a time healthy, it is also a prime source of the oppression and institutional racism that plagues our country. One person’s righteousness is another person’s transgression.

You’ve had advantages from birth that I can’t imagine, I’ve had advantages that will never be available to you. I recently lost my Mom, she was almost 91 and was still making friends. The morning she died I called her care giver of the last two months of her life who immediately came over and sat with Mom, holding her hand and crying. In that short time interval they had become friends. At her memorial friend after friend told the same story, nobody had ever heard her say a negative word about anyone, she died at peace with everyone she knew, without a single enemy (outside of Trump).

I spent a lot of time in anger, at myself for the particular physical “shortcoming” that severely limited my attractiveness to women, at the women for their failure to look beyond the superficial and physical; none of my anger improved MY situation or THEIR depth of character. I’m going to try to take a lesson from Mom, to make new friends when the opportunity presents, to accept that life isn’t fair and that I’m not going to get things I deeply desire, that in the end all that matters is the people we love, the people who love us, the degree to which I find peace of mind.

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