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You have a right to defend your own race, but I genuinely think your viewpoint is extremely irate and out of touch w/reality. Maybe black people have more values in South Africa than those of the ones here in the USA, but regardless, if a black person wants more justice w/education, work, etc, they have to try .. which they don’t here in America. Here in the USA, a colored is lazy, relies on government benefits, section 8 housing, project housing, and w/e else they can get for free w/o any effort. They want the repercussion from the whites for being slaves. Along w/that injustice, the immigrants have to pay towards these shitty benefits in their taxes, which is stupid b/c they had nothing to do w/the slavery to begin with! Yet, the damn president is strict about immigration, but allows the lazy coloreds to get free shit all the time! You have this completely twisted.

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