Put the judgement aside. We have all experienced the world in a different way.

We think our ideas are unique. Yet we are quick to characterize and label the views of others.

We think our positions are well thought out and well rounded. Yet we forget to consider how much we are a product of our environment.

Our experiences become such a fabric of who we are. And the story we surround it with drives many of the decisions we make — how we behave, how we treat others, and how we interact with the world.

Everyone of us has experienced the world in a different way. And that has clearly shaped how we see the world and those around us.

Which is why, even if you fail to agree, don’t be so quick to judge. Don’t be so quick to assume the other side is off-base or small minded. What matters to each of us is different.

If we preach acceptance and openness, then we must extend this courteous even to those that don’t agree with us.

No one in this world fully understands us. Why do we think we can fully understand others?

Put aside the judgement and listen. It’s the only way we may actually begin to understand each other.

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