The Status Quo

Increasingly, we are pushing ourselves towards maintaining the status quo. We fear change — whether good or bad.

Uber uplifted the status quo and pushed the taxi cabs aside. It’s hard to question how most people felt about taxi cabs. Sure they got you from A to B, but everyone knew the service could be improved upon.

And it’s hard to deny that by Uber challenging the status quo, they have pushed there competitors to up there game and provide better service.

Many taxi’s have developed phone apps to use. They have made payment much easier. They’ve tried to make the process more transparent.

But they fought to keep the status quo for too long.

And it finally caught up with them. Imagine if they would have changed the status quo long ago. Not because they had to. But merely because they knew there was a better way.

These examples are present everywhere.

More and more, it’s a question I wrestle with.

Am I fighting to maintain the status quo because I truly think that’s what is best? Or am I merely fighting off change and uncertainty?

Increasingly, I think it’s for the latter reason.

And I worry this starts to push us towards complacency. Towards fighting off change merely for the sake of keeping everything we already have.

But change can be as fun as it is scary.

And sometimes what lies on the other side of that door is worth seeking out. It’s worth the risk of changing.

The choice is available to all of us. We just have to take a step outside our bubble.

And by being preemptive and pushing to change the status quo, we might just prevent our bubble from bursting in the first place.