When Small Data Beats Big Data

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Feb 14, 2017 · 2 min read

Big data fails big when it stays in aggregate, and you fail to make it meaningful to individual users. It’s when you sell your experience as an aggregated experience, and then deliver something very different to the individuals you sell it to.

For instance T-Mobile (a relevant example to me…haha) can say in the aggregate that their coverage is near what Verizon is because in some statistical, technical aggregate it is. However, the individual users know better — it’s frustrating that they sell the world with aggregated data, but give you an experience that doesn’t represent it.

Big data’s real power is in how you can make it relevant and meaningful to the individual’s experience. You can’t do it the other way around.

In our business (Events/Experiential Marketing), one of the biggest mistakes planners make is to glean the smallest of data points and find meaning in them. The tendency is always to aggregate and look at results in that way. There is value in that, but it also means you lose the opportunity to catch profound things you can do to improve your event and do something truly outstanding.

Next time you look at your data (for anything you do), ask the simple question, “what does the smallest data tell me?”

If you don’t see the value in this, you will be very surprised when your whole world is built on AI — which in my opinion has all its power in the ability to take aggregated data learning and make it relevant, valuable, and interesting to the individual context. Something to think about.

If you run events, you should be asking how to make your approach to planning more responsive to the personalization of the attendee journey. No longer is the attendee journey something to look at and plan only in the aggregate. There is no such thing as a single attendee journey.

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Bringing events to life through Innovation sharing, learning and exploring — people, networking, technology, sales, ROI and events.

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