Best Photos

This past summer, my family and I took a trip out west to visit San Fransisco and many of the state parks California has to offer. We drove down HWY 1 from San Fransisco to visit Palo Alto, Santa Cruz and Carmel. Our final stop was in Carmel, Callifornia. Carmel is home to Pebble Beach Golf Course, one of the most iconic golf courses in the world. I got to spend a day with my Dad at Pebble Beach watching golf. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to and hope to make a trip back to play a round.
Two summers ago, while I was attending and playing football at Butler University, I had an extra credit opportunity to drive up to Chicago and visit the Art Institute of Chicago and write a reflection on the countless pieces of priceless art on display. This photo is one of my favorites for two resons. The first is because it has my favorite work of art in it. The painting is called A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat. The second reason this is my favorite picture is because it is the famous pose from my favorite movie “Ferris Buellers Day off” when Ferris goes to visit the Art Institute of Chicago.
My third picture is the most meaningful picture to me. This picture was taken before my first collegiate football game at Butler University with my Dad. The picture is meaningful to me because my Dad is the greatest role model and mentor in my life. I could not be where I am without his parenting, leadership, and friendship. This picture is the cherry on top in perspective to the countless hours my dad and I drove going from camp to camp every summer trying to find a school to recruit me and a school I could excel at in academics and on the playing field. My parents have been my number one fans for as long as I can remember pushing me to do the best I could do on and off the field. Sacrificing so much time for me has made me more humble and more thankful to have a father figure willing to lay it all on the table for me like my dad did. That is why this picture will always be one of my favorites.