Get the Fuck Outta Here: A Dialogue on Jordan Peele’s GET OUT
Son of Baldwin

Excellent dialogue on the movie! I feel as though I have to see it again (maybe even several more times) to get the full meaning!

Although I may be naive in my assumption, I would argue that the movie placed a high value on the role of black women’s psychological/mental strength. Every time I looked at Georgina in the film, it seemed as though the grandmother was never fully in control. Her eyes and facial expressions were telling a different story then her words and actions. One major example is the scene when she apologized to Chris about unplugging the phone. That awkward long silence and pause! I was sure Georgina would say something at that point, but tears just rolled down her face as she was helpless in doing anything. Also, when pouring the tea for Chris, she just spaced out and kept pouring. The psychologist responded by saying she “needs some rest”, which is the same phrase she used when cell phone picture with the flash released the other black male. And lastly, Georgina seemed to intentionally get run over in the end, as if to end the cycle of control. However, instead it seemed to have the reverse effect and further subdue her consciousness and allow the grandmother to have further control when she awakened. I don’t think it was a coincidence that they only had one female black body being control. Just my 2 cents to add to the dialogue.

Once again, thank you for the dialogue and commentary! It definitely opened my eyes about the film some more!

P.S. There is something about that scene with Rod trying to explain the situation to all black officers. I definitely feel as though that was intentional, but not sure of the implications of that scene

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