DevOps in Visual Studio is Broken

I suck at Visual Studio. I only just upgraded to Visual Studio 2015. I was scared I would break something on one of our many customer cloud deployments that we support at SeriousLabz. So I was happy and relieved to see that the publish experience in Visual Studio remained unchanged in 2015. Just to be sure I created a new branch, built, and published to a test location and sure enough everything work just as expected. This is great. Nothing is wrong with this.

However, I assumed there had been some major advances to devops since that is now a thing (as if it weren’t already) and went to the web to see what was new. I happened across this video from Microsoft and was shocked. I was shocked because it looked like something you would have done in the early 00’s to deploy SharePoint or some other suitably beefy package of software with your deep and scary customization. It’s hard to believe that in 2015 this is how teams deploy their software.

Not that I think every bit of software written today is a tiny, publishable web app, but we make sure to not create something we can’t manage and deploy. We are tiny, we can’t afford to, but I don’t know any dev teams that can. Even big software companies have tiny teams working on their products. Certainly, there is a better way Microsoft?