Amritapuri Finishing School

Dad away on business

Or easy-chair refuge

Could bite off my head

He gave me love for truth

And work-ethic too

His hard work and diligence

Saved life from being blue

Mom working working

Not much was said

She gave art and music

Helps this boy keep his head

Inner life empty

Reached for rock’n’roll instead

A Manic Nirvana

As Robert Plant said

Or how about Beastie Boys?

Check out your head

Woke up one day

After knocked in the head

Bathed in loss and sadness

I thought better off dead

Lived in spite of myself

Saved by my mother

For the first time

But there were others to come

Adopted families and friends

Can give what one is without

But I took and I took

Leaving nothing behind

Lost communication

Many friends now

Many friends left behind

I have only the present

And the mind to leave behind


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