in the end

drowning in shit

what will I do with it

bring it back

push it on

flush it down the john

you never know

what will come

this is I


my bridled passions

my unknown murk

nothing exceptional

little bits of this and that

a tepid stew

nothing new

the wind may cry marry

my tongue tied

I don’t know what the fuck

tears uncried undried

these words don’t suffice

leave me feeling bone-dry

left on the desert to fry

inwardly sob and even that doesn’t matter

I could just keep writing forever

and not say anything new

copycat leisure

try this try that

put it in a hat

wear it like a pair of panties

on my head

like the L for loser

weird-ass loser

fucking freak

it doesn’t matter

it all doesn’t matter

cause we’re all the same in the end


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