the mix

bluesbroken poor me couldn’t couldn’t wouldn’t fucked up only error haunts my days self pity and broken ditty

flying high soaring the ego bridges its way to the next fall

but the greater the ecstasy the greater the fall

even if it’s just a slow coasting down back to normalcy you remember the bliss that you miss and slowly come to needing pills or drink or something to slow your way out of the pink

the only way I see is to coast free and easy on the downline downtime and be grateful for what is and never minding the hopes that some unknown person or board of directors tries to plant in your brain like a seed of mutation it changes your peace into envy and lack and once you attain the goal you fear falling back

until you realize it’s all the same whether loss or gain pleasure or pain there’s a borderless combine of all into one rhyme a cosmic dance of endless time a quirky mess of inside and outside and all gathered into one state of conscious awareness

and there never was anything to lose